We simplify logistics.

This is not a point A to point B world.

Our comprehensive expertise provides solutions for the full range of logistics. From B2B supply chains to Expedited Deliveries and High Value cargo, we’ve done it and we’re ready to help you navigate your business through 48 States.

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The adventure unfolds in miles, gallons, cubic feet,
GPS signals, weather patterns and text message confirmations.


Time is no luxury when shipping
time-sensitive products.


National coverage
from Maine to California.


Customer retention rate.

Fastmore Logistics was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing comprehensive multimodal transportation services ranging from expedited shipments to less than truckload moves. Our mission is to simplify logistics by integrating leading-edge technology with a genuine focus on customer & carrier relationships, to make our services more impactful, more secure, and more transparent.

Fastmore’s success has been earned by providing exceptional customer service around the clock, commitment to customer focused solutions, and streamlined logistics outsourcing. We are investing in identifying and integrating top-tier technology to provide the highest level of service to our customers and carriers. Our highly-trained team, best in class technology and unique solutions enable our customers to run their business efficiently and successfully.

Sunrise is relative to the time zone you’re shooting for.

As a national leader, we have 48 States worth of highways and back roads in our back pocket. Our team knows the ins and outs of local conditions, and time-savers all along the way.

Our Mission

Our mission revolves around the concept of Three C’s: Customers Company Carriers. When these interlock, we have a true team. We are dedicated to being a unifier that helps businesses succeed.

Fastmore is driven to bring you simplified logistics in the most expedient ways, working with people, technology, and value based practices.

Fastmore matches high tech products and human touch to get the job done accurately and efficiently.

Fastmore Logistics ensure that shipments remain secure, intact and on time.

Our proven, innovative delivery solutions are tailored to fit the size, destination and schedule of your exact needs.

Fastmore manages service across multiple modes of transportation throughout the entire supply chain. 

Fastmore understands forwarder requirements and demands better than anyone in the industry. 

Who We Serve and What We Do: Working with elite businesses and shippers has given us a lot of options in our playbook. This experience puts us in a unique position to pull together many top-notch components into a well-oiled logistics machine.

Synchronizing the road to commerce.

Our logistics decisions are based on millions of pounds of experience. This allows us to make informed and efficient decisions. And it gives our customers the confidence to trust us with their cargo. Every day is an adventure. Some days it’s finding the right fit for an impossible cargo size. Other days it’s managing the route. You can’t deliver exceptional solutions unless you’ve done this time and time again.

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The 3 C’s of Fastmore:

Company Customers Carriers

There’s logistics and then there’s Fastmore. Based on common sense that leads to simple solutions. Grown from a foundation of strong relationships. Built on hundreds of precise decisions synchronized to the outcome. Always there to deliver safely in any storm.

Know that whatever the situation, your cargo will ship intact, on time, with a team held to the industry’s highest standards.

The best stories are simple.

So are the best logistics.

The Journey

When a new job or situation arises, it doesn’t usually look glamorous—and it doesn’t usually look easy. On the map it looks like getting a fleet of 18-wheelers from here to there. In reality, there are hundreds of decisions and people working together to account for everything that happens in between—and to make sure nothing falls between the cracks.


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