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Employee Engagement in the Workplace

By |April 23rd, 2019|

In January, I started my journey with Fastmore Logistics as the Chief People Officer (CPO).  At Fastmore, our people are key to our success, which is why we are dedicated to building our people strategy and developing our company culture. To achieve these goals, we focused on a few initiatives during my first 90 days: employee satisfaction, company culture, and talent acquisition.

How we engage our employees in the workplace is optimal for the company’s culture and proven success. During the employee engagement process, we must understand how we can meet our employees where they are in life, ensure there is a work/life balance, understand what our employees need to learn and grow, help them with career paths, and create a work environment where employees can thrive. To meet employees where they are at in their lives, we must consider benefits and perks, flexibility with work/life balance, continuing education, and improving the technological resources available to them. When we do this, we show our employees we care about who they are as individuals.

Part of our people strategy is to listen to our employees. When we listen, we learn, and we create opportunities to grow, so one of the first initiatives I rolled out was an internal employee engagement survey. It was great to see so many employees participate, with over 70% of them providing feedback. It was a milestone for the company too, as it was the first time Fastmore had participated in an engagement survey. It helped us as an organization to determine what we are doing well, and where there is opportunity for us to learn and grow. We will continue to use this feedback and eventually follow up with another survey in 6 months.

This year we also introduced the manager development program that is focused on building skills and knowledge to help people become leaders. The program was mandatory for our current managers, but we have opened it up to anyone that was interested in learning management skills. We are thrilled to be offering this program as we’ve seen over 31% of our employees participating. We kicked off the program with a book club. For this month’s book, we chose “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” by Dr. Travis Bradberry. After completing the quiz, reading the chapters that were associated with the score, we had an open discussion where our employees revealed their emotional intelligence score and what strategies they were going to commit to so that they could increase their score. Hearing our employees speak about the challenges they are trying to overcome professionally and personally created a bonding atmosphere. I’m looking forward to checking in with everyone at our meeting next month to hear about how those strategies have been working in their lives.

Another initiative we focused on was simplifying processes while allowing employees to conduct their jobs efficiently. To accomplish this, we focused on building a Learning Management System (LMS) to allow the capability for concise and relevant training sessions. Currently we are having our new hires and managers test out the LMS before we roll out company wide this summer. In the meantime, Fastmore is also revamping its new hire training to meet all our employees’ development requirements and knowledge base. We are excited to be taking a more active approach when creating content for long term learning and presenting these materials in a format that is accessible from anywhere.

By thinking outside of the box, we can provide solutions that have not been offered before and we’re looking forward to embracing the people driven changes coming in 2019. Stay tuned for even more exciting changes that we will be rolling out soon!

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Katie Dykstra

The story of Fastmore Logistics

By |March 4th, 2019|



Welcome to Convey More, Fastmore’s communication hub.  In 2019, one of my goals is to share more about Fastmore, who we are, what we do and why we are the specialists in simplifying logistics.  We have some exciting new initiatives rolling out this year and I can’t wait for our leadership team and I to share them with you.


In the beginning

I migrated from Lithuania to the United States in 1992. My career path took me in the direction of the logistics industry.   The entrepreneur in me always had some interesting and crazy ideas. My wife will be the first to attest to this and while she might not remember the plethora of the ideas I hurled at her daily, she will certainly recall the best one, the one which started in the summer of 2005, the beginning of Fastmore Logistics.

The first years

The first few years, we had a clear vision for our goals and short term/ long term plans, but as you know not everything goes according to our plans.  Fastmore started as an asset based expedited carrier, servicing the freight forwarder community.   By 2008, we had a fleet of different vehicles from cargo vans, to straight trucks, and semi-trucks. What we discovered is our strength was in transportation management and finding creative solutions for our customers to move their freight. As a result, in 2013 I decided to liquidate all our trucks, and in one month we went from being a trucking company to a freight brokerage.  We continued to bring in top talent, to help make Fastmore one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.

Fast forward to 2019

We recently opened the doors to our Chicago office, which helped expand our business and change the way we do things.  I am pleased with the rapid growth we have made in the last 2 and half years, and we now have over 80 employees who help us to excel every day, by working to achieve our mission to simplify logistics for our customers. One of our goals and what we strive for every day, is to be the best in the industry, not only for our customers, but as a best place to work for our employees.

In 2019, we have some fun things happening at Fastmore.  We continue to work on understanding what our employees want and need to succeed in their roles, and, hold engagement events that will support our culture and team building initiatives.    We have also been super busy focusing on bringing the latest and best technology to help make the transportation of freight more efficient, and, provide our customers and carriers with a better customer experience.  I look forward to all that we have planned for 2019 and beyond.  I am eager to have you join me as we move through what is going to be a very exciting year!

Ray Sciuckas (President)

Katie Dykstra becomes Fastmore Logistics Chief People Officer

By |January 24th, 2019|


We’re excited to announce that Fastmore Logistics has appointed Katie Dykstra as their Chief People Officer. “This is a new position for our business and we are very confident that Katie’s experience and vision will have a tremendous impact from top to bottom,” said Ray Sciuckas, President and Founder of Fastmore Logistics. “People drive our business and Katie’s ability to attract, cultivate, train and retain top talent will accelerate our growth to becoming a world-class organization.”

As Fastmore’s CPO, she will oversee organizational strategy, recruitment, hiring, employees’ professional development, and the company culture. Hiring Katie also marks an important milestone for our company as she will be the first C-Level female employee at Fastmore Logistics.

Before joining Fastmore’s team, Katie was the Human Resources Manager at Assurance, one of the largest and most awarded independent insurance brokerages in the country. She also worked at Walgreens for eleven years in the loss prevention and employee relations departments.

Katie attended Roosevelt University where she received her master’s degree in Human Resource Management. She also sits on the executive board of the Northwest Human Resource Council and is a board member of Chicago’s 101 Best & Brightest Advisory. Katie also became a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and is experienced with providing executive coaching and development programs for employees and managers. She’s excited about her new role, getting to know everyone, and implementing an HR strategy that will help grow the company sustainably and successfully.


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