Meet ouR dedicated team

Our leadership team is deeply invested in spreading the mission of Fastmore and teaching, embodying and growing our core values.

CHief oPerating Officer

Paul joined the Fastmore team in 2016 after working at two larger freight-forwarders for nearly 15 years. On his search for a company where he could make a significant impact, Paul found Fastmore and thought it was the perfect fit. He most appreciates that we all live our core values (they are not just words) and that everyone who works at Fastmore understands the value they bring to the organization.


Marketing specialist

Brittany has been a member of the team since 2014 when she joined the Accounting Team. She previously worked in accounting at a car dealership when she was seeking a different opportunity. Brittany found Fastmore while looking for a smaller company that trusted employees to work autonomously. She currently is a member of both accounting and marketing, which she enjoys because it allows her to utilize her past work experience and her college education. Brittany’s favorite thing about Fastmore is the feeling that your choices and your voice can make a difference.

Financial Controller

Chris joined the Fastmore team in 2012. Before finding Fastmore, Chris worked in banking and was attempting to work his way up the ladder, finding that many of the banking jobs were not challenging enough. During an interview for a position he was overqualified for, the interviewer mentioned the branch worked with Fastmore and knew they had an open Accounting position. Chris joined the team shortly after and found the challenge he was seeking. Chris most enjoys the people and technological advances at Fastmore.

VP of Sales

Giedrius joined the Fastmore team in 2007. He has a proven record in sales with experience at some of the biggest freight-forwarders in the Chicagloand area. When Ray approached Giedrius to join Fastmore, he was sold on the vision and mission and the rest is history. Giedrius enjoys the work environment of Fastmore, specifically helping customers solve their logistical challenges, meeting new people and working with the rest of the Fastmore team every day.

founder & CEO

Ray started Fastmore Logistics in 2005 after working for domestic and international freight forwarders for 12 years. Fastmore was founded to find a better way to solve problems and serve customers. Ray placed emphasis on a company that would deliver on its commitment, leverage technology and constantly be improving. He loves the fast-paced industry, ability to solve challenges, and work with a talented team. Ray most enjoys that Fastmore keeps him from getting bored; every day brings a new challenge and learning experience.

Chief Information Officer

Naimish joined the Fastmore team in 2018. He has a strong history of bringing Business-IT Transformations using experiences in ERP solutions, data insights, technology optimization, application lifecycle management and business process automation. He was interested in the Chicago area as a hub for logistics and transportation and having bet his life on technological solutions, he found Fastmore was focused on innovation and that appealed to him. Naimish enjoys that Fastmore takes pride in servicing our customer needs with focus on ingenuity, innovation and perfection. Every day brings him new challenges and opportunities to deliver something new.

customer Sales Manager

Zac has been with Fastmore since 2014. Prior to joining the team, Zac worked for over 5 years at a large freight forwarder in the Chicagoland area. He was seeking a smaller logistics company in the Chicago suburbs where he could grow when he found Fastmore. Zac most appreciates that everyone understands the role they play in our success, as together we differentiate ourselves from other brokers.

Compliance Specialist

Elizabeth has been with Fastmore since 2018. She has over 5 years of experience in Compliance and before entering Compliance, held various accounting and administrative positions as well as owning her own business for 4 years. Elizabeth found Fastmore after searching for a company where there would be more opportunity for professional growth. She most appreciates that Fastmore’s business rules and standards are high, which makes maintaining the integrity of the company and enforcing those standards easier for the Compliance Department. She also appreciates the healthy work-life balance, which is a priority for long term career growth.