“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston S. Churchill. 

What is success?  How do we define failure and more so, how do we learn from it, and adapt with a growth mindset?  When you interact with salespeople all day long, you will probably hear a lot of the same things.   Who landed the biggest deal?  Who has the best pitch?  Who has the most clients?  I will admit that I’m a salesperson too, and I love talking about these things. 

I started my journey as a sales representative with Fastmore in 2014. During that time, I experienced good times, great times, along with some months where it seemed like nothing was working.  I was able to learn, develop, and grow, by receiving support from my peers and mentors.  I moved into the role of Customer Sales Manager in 2017.   Over time, working with my team, I’ve learned to reevaluate how to judge success.  Failing can be a beautiful thing, it is all relative to our perception of it.   

 Success and growth mindset 

 When you have the appropriate support system in place, along with a growth mindset that can position you to improve all the time, then I believe you can truly succeed.  When a company works to help individuals in the organization to progress, advance in their roles, take on more leadership capabilities, and constantly evolve their skills and thought process, they will thrive. 

The logistics industry is cyclical.  We get to ride the wave along with the highs, lows, and everything in-between. It all depends on where we are in the cycle.  How we can strategize to manage the effect of the market and how we band together to keep a positive mindset regardless of circumstance.  Take for example the current state of the market.  In January of 2018 the market spiked due to the Electronic Log Device (ELD), and driver shortage panic, followed by rates bottoming out in October of 2018.  Recently, capacity has been diminishing due to rising insurance costs, maintenance fees, increasing fuel costs, and Department of Transportation (DOT) enforcements.  To get through this period, it is important that we readjust our strategies, maintain open communication, and coach our people to help them navigate the market.  When we focus on the coaching and development of individuals in our organization, we foster success, and ensure that we position ourselves to always be ready for those highs and lows.   

We don’t always discuss our failures, or more so, we don’t like to openly discuss them.  Who fell on their face?  And who stuck to the process, dug deep, and still came out empty handed? If we admit that we fell on our sword, we seem to believe that this means we are weak.  If we never admit to failure, or learn from our mistakes, then we will never be able to get up and try again.  It is the getting up, the positive mindset, the motivation to continue regardless of the struggles, that allows us to reach our full potential. Our shift to an organization with a growth mindset is one of the exciting changes we will be bringing here to Fastmore. 

Strength to overcome 

Ask yourself, is this you?  Are you willing to look yourself in the mirror and accept your journey for what it is – an opportunity to grow?  If your answer is yes, then I want to work beside you.  Fastmore is a place where you can make mistakes, you can fail.  You will have people here who will pick you back up and strategize as to how to improve for next time.  That is why I’ve been here for 5 years, and I will be here for many years to come.  Yesterday we may have won, lost, or drawn. Regardless, I know I’ll be coming in tomorrow, surrounded by people who are ready to get in the ring and fight.  After allisn’t that what success truly looks like. 


Zac Socha